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Dai-ichi Life Việt Nam

With the philosophy “Customer first”, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam pioneers in providing premier life insurance products and services to ensure a peace of mind for our customers. 

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Why Dai-ichi Life Việt Nam?

With the philosophy “Customer first”, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam pioneers in providing premier life insurance products and services to ensure a peace of mind for our customers.

Established in January of 2007, Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company of Vietnam, Ltd. (“Dai-ichi Life Vietnam”) is a member of Dai-ichi Life Group - one of the leading life insurance companies in Japan and around the world with over 110 years of experience.

Just after more than 9 years of operations, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam has built a solid foundation and maintained its position as one of the four leading life insurers in Vietnam in terms of total premium, serving more than 1 million customers through a staff of nearly 900 employees and 65,000 professional financial consultants. Dai-ichi Life Vietnam is proud to affirm its 3rd position in network scale with a total of over 190 offices and general agencies throughout the country. Dai-ichi Life Vietnam was honorably ranked No. 3 in the Top 5 prestigious life insurers in 2016 as announced by the Vietnam Report in early July 2016.

Based on the core value “Thinking people first”, besides its business endeavors, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam has been the pioneer in many philanthropic and social programs aimed at improving local community’s life quality. Dai-ichi Life Vietnam was honorably awarded the “Corporate Social Responsibility Award” twice by the magazine Asia Insurance Review, the 1st time in 2013 with the program “For a better life” – installing water purifying system to provide clean drinking water to more than 24,000 pupils of the schools in rural areas of Vietnam, and the 2nd time in November 2015 with the program “A million red bricks, bridging the happiness” – building 10 traffic bridges to ensure safe and convenient travel for the struggling villagers in rural areas. The recognition and honor throughout Asia has demonstrated the strong commitment of the company to the development of a sustainable society and to make long-term contribution for the sake of community benefits.

At Dai-ichi Life Vietnam, we always strive to:

    ●  Build an open and professional environment, in which people would sincerely share ideas to strengthen relationships.

    ●  Respect and appreciate the self and the ability in every individual to develop the whole organization.

    ●  Non-stop investing in training technical and cooperate skills, as well as the business ethic, to better every individual.

    ●  Recognize and reward staffs for their hard work and contributed attitude toward the success of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam.

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